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iBadaWaveStream 14 Apr 2020
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Saint James - Truth
14 Apr 2020
Saint James - Truth
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Gordy Norris - Truth Be Told


Gordy has released his brand new project titled 'H.O.M.E'. "Truth Be Told" is one of our favourite singles.

"H.O.M.E :Heaven Often Moves Everybody is a retro futuristic gospel album set in the 80s."

» Stream the H.O.M.E here: https://soundcloud.com/gordynorris/sets/h-o-m-e

Supply Gordy
» https://soundcloud.com/gordyfx
» https://www.facebook.com/gordynorris1
» https://twitter.com/GordyNorris
» https://www.instagram.com/Gordyfx/

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Saint James - Truth
14 Apr 2020
Saint James - Truth
iBadaWaveStream · 1 Views